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Google has been and will continue to be the largest search engine in the world due to its popularity among users of all ages, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, etc. Its popularity comes from the fact that it offers numerous, relevant and interesting results to all its users, and the team behind it is working tirelessly to improve the algorithm by which it works.

With each passing month, Google publishes important updates that affect its users, especially those that are a business. We’ve all heard of how to advertise on Google, which is called Google Ads, and most of the time we’ve been curious to try it at least once. However, Google Ads are not the simplest ads to set up and run, so if you haven’t had the desired results so far, it’s time to take a specialized course.

That’s why we’ve created a series of useful courses, the first, and most significant of which, in our view, is Google Ads. In this introductory article, we’ll discuss the basics of advertising on Google to discover the recipe for success.

If you are wondering what the recipe for success is, well the 3 most significant “ingredients” are:

1. Relevant ads — the text should be related to the title of the ad, a kind of SEO per Google ad.

2. Interesting ads — to attract/arouse an emotion in the user to make him click on the advertisement.

3. Landing page experience — the homepage where your visitors land, should not disappoint them and be correlated as a theme and orientation towards the field indicated by the text of your advertisement.

Google monitors the clicks that readers give to your ads, as well as those of your competitors. The more people click on your ad to the detriment of your competitors, the lower your cost-per-click CPC.

How do we target a specific user with an ad?

1. Targeting keywords —search campaigns for the best results

2. Target certain people who have a certain behavior on Google for the highest possible conversion rate.

3. Target in-market audiences, i.e., people who have suddenly changed their online behavior. If you haven’t been searching for information about a particular domain yet and are now searching, it’s time to look into it. You can use remarketing campaigns for people who have already been to your site to sell them your products or services.

Google Ads are easy to set up and run if you know exactly how Google thinks, how to create and adjust an ad on Google, and most importantly, how to reach your goals. This was just the introductory episode of the course. We look forward to seeing you in the next sessions with just as useful and relevant information!



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