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We offer complete, individually customized social media management and social media moderation services.

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“You can't build a reputation just on what you're going to do.”  – Henry Ford
In the digital era you must

Be Social

Yes, we understand you perfectly! There are dozens of social media platforms and no shortage of experts who tell you that you have to post everywhere five times a day or similar.


In reality, this is not the case, so don’t despair.


Instead of posting something solely to tick a box, it is better to post only high-quality content.


We will select only the platforms used by your audience and create the best, most appropriate content for these platforms.

You don’t feel like posting six times a week? The truth is that you don’t have to!

Why? Because most platforms, apart from some newer ones like Tik Tok, have changed their algorithms so that organic posts have less reach.

Meaning that if the post is unsponsored, no one sees it.

Managing your social media

Shouldn't be time-consuming

Social Media Moderation

We help you plan your posts and advise you on what content is best for your business.

We organize theme-related photo-video sessions with you to create evergreen, relevant, fresh content to engage with your audience.

We tell stories. We create posts that your audience can relate to.

Warren Buffet once said: “You need 20 years to build your reputation and only 5 minutes to lose it.”

We monitor your Social Media accounts 24/7, answer the questions asked by your audience and let you know if there are any problems.

Our team has over ten years of experience in these areas and has worked on Social Media Moderation and Reputation Management projects with brands that include Sony PlayStation, AbbVie, FedEx, P&G, and Pokerstars.

Quality VS Quantity

on Social Media

Get ready for the secret sauce of our social media posting.

Do you know how we determine if we should publish a post or not?

Simple. We classify it on a scale from 1 to 10:

Our lowest rating is a 1 for a trivial post. For example, a café owner puts out the classic morning post: a cup of coffee with a heart shape in the coffee foam. There are millions of posts like this published every day.

At the other end of the scale is 10. We’re exaggerating a little here, but an example of a 10 out of 10-rated post could be a selfie with Barack Obama (or, for our fellow Cluj residents, Florin Piersic) enjoying a coffee at the café.

Something else, right? A rare post that is hard for our competitors to copy.

We publish and sponsor only posts that we objectively grade 7 and above.

That’s how we make social media easier to manage. We only post when we really have something to say, solely on social networks relevant to our business.

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Brandion’s CEO Vlad is super knowledgeable with Facebook Ads and everything ecom. His passion comes from truly helping and coaching other people in succeeding with the online advertising world. Glad to have the Madgicx-Brandion partnership!

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Yahav Hartman CEO MadgicX

We've created an influencer marketing campaign in Romania with them. I was delighted with the collaboration. A very responsive team, very easy communication, all deadlines met and all materials published on time. We were on a very tight deadline and I was pleasantly surprised to receive messages from them over the weekend as well. Congratulations on the work you do and I highly recommend you to anyone!

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Cristian Constantin Country Manager, Joom

I was able to work with you so beautifully, simply, efficiently that I can't wait for a new campaign! Well done, you have all my appreciation.

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Andreea Banica Romanian Award Winning Singer

First of all, we must mention the efficiency of the Brandion team, the collaboration with them was easy and efficient. They built me a quality website, optimized for promotion campaigns. Second, they came up with innovative marketing ideas and helped me enter the market quickly. I definitely recommend Brandion for the package of services it offers!

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George Scripcaru CEO Future Training

An agency completely dedicated to achieving the client's goals. Super persevering, attentive to what you want, available, a very strong experience. Highly recommend them.

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Emanuela Marton Director Laser Hunt

Professional and fair!

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Corina Vaida Director VADAUTO

Best in Romania. Proud to work with them.

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Victor Dinică Founder Inventiff

Very good agency to work with. I highly recommend it.

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Anita Filip Katharina Siegel Jewelry

Highly Recommended! Serious, punctual and professional

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Al Dakhlalla Nizar CEO Multimago
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