3 + 1 success factors for Google Ads

Successfully running Google Ads campaigns can be a real challenge. In itself, the effective use of Google Ads is quite complicated, and the competition is fierce. Among the key factors, you need to consider are that PPC ads need to be optimized for maximum results, and more than that, keywords, ad type, landing page image, and conversion tracking are vital.

Relevance of advertisements

Google ads should, above all, be relevant, and should contain descriptions, URLs, and extensions that maximize sales and support the benefit of purchasing the delivered product or service. The most important thing, in fact, is to follow the principle of simplicity and transparency, while trying to appeal to different strategies to attract customers. In other words, short, attractive, as objective, and transparent as possible!

Interesting claim

To differentiate yourself from the competition, you always have to come up with something new. As you can see, in most areas the market is over-saturated. Think about what differentiates you from the rest of the competition, and what you bring new, and then find the right shape to deliver these aspects. The more fascinating an advertisement is and incites the potential customer to click and document themselves, the much higher the chances of selling and delivering your product.

Landing Page Experience

This is one of the most influential issues. Thus, when a user clicks on one of the launched ads, it will be sent to a landing page that should be closely aligned with the search keyword and the ad made. Ensuring this consistency throughout the user’s journey ensures that the landing page will ultimately meet the needs of the person who searched for a particular product and arrived at your ad.

30-70% rule

Finally, it is very indispensable to consider the so-called “30-70% rule”. According to this, only 30% of potential flashbacks click on the results displayed by Google Ads. This means that 70% of them feel the need to scroll through the list of results until they reach the organic ones, i.e. unpaid. Of the 30%, 15% will access the first result, 10% on the second, and 5% of them on the third. It is therefore vital that your ad is optimized and therefore displayed first.

In conclusion, the 4 success factors of your ads on Google are all you need to convert. Increase your ad optimization!



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